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Friday, 5 December 2014

Staff Picks: HETTIE

Our lovely Customer Service Representative, Hettie, has chosen the Black Over/Under Skirt as her favourite piece of the season. She has paired the elegant skirt with a simple striped top for a cool, casual alternative to its usual styling. 

The Over/Under Skirt is made up of 10 layers of beautiful tulle, creating fabulous volume and movement whilst still being flattering. The many layers keeps the skirt from being see through, but delicately lets the light in around the ankles, giving the skirt a beautiful texture.

We think this outfit is perfect for a Christmas party, with just the right balance of elegance and relaxed style (perfect for the dreaded smart-casual dress code!)

Shop the Over/Under Skirt by clicking on the image below - 

Thankyou to Hettie !

Christabel x

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Constance Fabric Printing

Cabbages & Roses interior fabrics are all printed a stones throw away from our store, at a 40 year old factory in West London; a rustic well-kept secret among London fabric designers. 

The printing of our fabrics are always overseen by a member of the C&R team. This week Sophie Marsh and Sophie Bowden (both of whom are passionate about print and colour), were at the factory printing the Constance fabric.

Constance is printed using a flat bed printer. Screens of different colours and shades stamp the fabric, starting with the darker shades. Constance Multi is made using 10 different screens of colour and is our most intricate fabric.

To start the day off, a one metre test run is done. The colourist tweaks the ink within the flat bed until the colour perfectly matches the sample.  The test run is usually done a couple of times until Sophie is happy with the colour. Once the colour is perfect, the printing can start.

Constance Multi

The next step is the process of Sanforization. The purpose of this process is to shrink fabrics and create a tighter weave, so that the fabrics don’t shrink further during washing and the colours don’t run. A qualified quality checker meticulously goes through the entire length of fabric, checking for any imperfections or loose threads. 

Constance Multi

The designer of the Constance Fabric, Creative Director Christina, endearingly describes the Constance fabric as “one of our most extravagant fabrics”.

Constance continues to be one of our best selling fabrics in all three colour ways so much so, that it is likely that we will introduce more colours one day. The colourful and light hearted design is appropriate for any scheme, from drawing room to kitchen to bedroom and we have several coordinating fabrics so the print does not overwhelm."

Sophie checking the Constance Blue fabric

Constance Blue

Christina recommends pairing the Constance fabric with  “the gentle lilac or natural plain washed linen, which can act as a calming influence as do the variety of stripes in various colours and widths available from our collection”

From factory floor to the end product; curtains made up in Constance Blue -

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Christabel x 

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

£50 off the Flossie Coat

Until Wednesday morning, there is £50 off both Flossie Frock Coats. 

Georgia and Sophie, who work in our Sydney Street store, model the Red and Navy Flossie Coats, with the Winter Berets.  We found an old telephone box around the corner from the store, and thought it was the perfect surroundings to showcase these timeless classics.

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

COATS & CASHMERE - £50 off the Lettie Coats

Christabel (L) and Lettie (R) are wearing the Lettie Coats in the tweed and navy colourways. Ever so chic and elegant, it's hard to choose between the two! 

Whichever you choose, there is £50 off either colour until Wednesday morning. Shop the Lettie Coats here.

Get £50 off all coats and cashmere until Wednesday morning!

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