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'Real-Time Shopping' Email Competition Winner!

Congratulations to the lovely Charlotte Bowater for winning our latest competition! We asked our mailing list what they thought about the frustratingly disparate seasonality of fashion, (i.e. swim suits coming out in February and winter coats in August), and this is what Charlotte said:

"The 'out of sync' seasons have been frustrating for so long, so it is great to have real-time shopping championed. I am incapable of shopping for a winter jumper when the temperature outside is still in the mid-twenties. Not only that, I struggle like other mothers to do any shopping when the children are still on holiday from school, no more so than in August - just as the cold weather clothing is being advertised!

However, I would propose a balance: I understand the source of new fashions, the fashion houses, have to produce collections way in advance to give orders time for production etc. This then filters to the 'high street' by the time both ends of the market go mainstream before the real season in question starts. However, it would be preferable if autumn clothes were actually sold in autumn and so on. Perhaps this would be a step too far for this huge 'supertanker' of an industry to alter direction and only offer their collections in real time. So how about still publicising the new collections but only making them available in real time. That way, we can all still drool, plan our wardrobes and make intelligent choices about what we want to buy, but the designers etc still tick their 'marketing' box.

So for what it is worth, I love that C&R offers its collection but adds to it as the real season progresses... it keeps me interested and excited for the next piece to be added. I also love that you have a wish list so I can pop things in there... and no doubt that would enable you to market to wish list holders of a forthcoming sale.

But finally, I love the 'chutzpah' of C&R generally. You have a strong brand, a strong following and we respect you for not following the herd.  While other brands tempt us with sale prices at what feels like mid-season (did you know farmers say the first full moon after 21st December is when winter truly starts?) we all hold true to C&R and wait for you to offer your sale at the END OF THE SEASON - and we look forward to it as much as the return of the sun!"

We thought Charlotte's answer was wonderful and echoed our own thoughts exactly. Charlotte has been awarded a prize of £100 to spend on our website and we hope she thoroughly enjoys whatever appropriately seasonal clothing she chooses!

Charlotte's friend Vicky was also awarded a £100 online voucher, just for signing up to our mailing list! Vicky kindly offered some words about C&R that we would like to share with you here:

"My great friend Charlotte talks about Cabbages and Roses constantly, and how much she would love to have nothing but your clothes, were budget to allow. Her friends have subsequently been introduced to you so her advertising powers are strong! She looks lovely when she treats us with what she has from you."

We'd like to thank everyone who entered this competition - we had great fun reading all of your emails and it's nice to know we're not alone in championing 'real-time shopping'!

If you aren't already, sign up to our mailing list at for your chance to win future competitions, as well as keeping up to date with company news and events!


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